LMT Tools

Leading technology in metalworking

The LMT Group (Leading Metalworking Technology) is a German holding company with over 2200 employees. The group is divided into three divisions that belong to the same owner: Fette Compacting, LMT Finance & Shared Services, LMT Tools. The latter combines the skills of some international manufacturers of technologically advanced precision tools.

The experience gained at the top of the market allows LMT Tools to develop and supply solutions for the processing of different materials ranging from high-strength steels to composite materials. The Group works with the aim of providing its customers with systems capable of guaranteeing top-level performance. Since 2015 LMT Tools has an active partnership with Sorma, which distributes the German group's products in Italy. Since 2023, this collaboration become exclusive in character for the rolling line only.

LMT Tools Divisions

LMT Fette is a leading company for over 100 years in the production of gear hobs and rolling heads. Fette history began in...

Only available on the Italian market

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