Sorma is an Italian company which works in the distribution of cutting tools for the metalworking industry and distribution of tools for the cutting and abrasion of stone, glass, ceramic, metal and composite materials.

Founded in Venice in 1950, Sorma has always focused on innovation as the winning ticket for offering the market the highest quality products available, paired with excellent service. This way of working is the main engine which is driving the development of the company that currently sees distribution of its own products in 57 countries and the reliable support of 100 employees. 2007 saw the launch of a new company division, Home&More, which is strongly specialised in cutlery and the mission of offering designer objects for the kitchen, home and free time.


Complete range

A complete range of solutions thanks to catalogues and brands which are well known on the international market for their high quality, technological development, and vast assortment

Fast service

Fast, reliable and efficient service thanks to a warehouse with more than 20,000 active items and highly qualified people in pre- and post-sales

Technical support

Technical support to help clients in their search for the optimal solution for each specific job, thanks to a team of sales specialists who are specialised in the sector

Training courses

Training courses and technical seminars for professionals in the sector, tailored to clients’ needs

Logistics Centre

In 2017, Sorma inaugurated a new 4,000 m² Logistics Centre, designed with an Industry 4.0 system. In fact, Sorma’s Logistics Centre is equipped with a 100% automated system which reduces error margins to a minimum and improves efficiency in accessing and shipping goods. Its geographical position, just a few kilometres from Marco Polo Airport in Venice, places it at a strategic point for the logistic hubs of the main carrieres and shipping companies. This allows daily shipping hours to be maximised, in order to offer clients complete flexibility.

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