People and organisation

People and organisation

The name “Sorma” sums up the daily work and commitment made up of a team that puts it heart and soul and heads together every day to face challenges which come up in the very best way. We have been able to become what we are today thanks to the combination of wide-ranging points of view and skills, and this means we can look ahead to the future with confidence.

Riccardo Galluzzi

Diamond Tools Division Director

Alessandro Sorgato

Cutting Tools Division Director

Gian Carlo Galluzzi

Chief Operating Officer

Zoe Sorgato

Home&More Division Director 

Tommaso Polese

Cutting Tools Sales Director

Antonio Policek

Cutting Tools Marketing Director

Claudio Ferraresso

Cutting Tools R&D Manager

Marco Rossi

Logistic Manager

Sara Galluzzi

Company Controller

Elisa Borghetto

Purchasing Manager

Luciana Bariviera

Customer Service Manager

Nadia Mazzolin

Administration Director

Tiziano Davia

Information Technology Director

Elena Galluzzi

Communication Director

And 90 more!