Our philosophy

Sorma’s company philosophy has always had the ambition of building and maintaining long-term relationships among people through constant, attentive listening. Thanks to this philosophy, the company has continued to be solid over time, even in difficult times, and this way of working of ours has allowed us to enjoy the trust of the people we work with every day: our team, our partners, our clients. Beyond being an ethical choice, for us this philosophy is also a choice for how to business: the trust we are able to develop is a fundamental factor in our competitiveness. When someone trusts us, we consider it to be a real victory, which in no way should be lost. When someone says “Sorma does business seriously,” we have confirmation that we are working well and that we must hold this course.

To have a shared basis to define our values and ethic guidelines, we wrote down a document that any member of our team should refer to: the Code of Ethics. In this document we put down for the record all principles concerning legality, integrity, sustainability, fair administration and transparency: these principles inspire our daily activity.

Principles we believe in are totally respected only if they are accepted by all our partners. Sorma rejects to undertake and continue any relation with any person or company that does not agree with our values and violates contents and the essence of our Code of Ethics. 

We expect that all our providers, coworkers, subcontractors and other people who work for them, will adopt similar standards and run their activity by respecting current laws and rules about sales activity, place of work and environment protection.