Air Tools

Straight grinders

Collect type air tools used for grinding, polishing and deburring, using mounted points and carbide burs. The compact size and low weight also allow for machining in tight spaces without tiring the operator. The Sorma range includes tools with speeds ranging between 25,000 and 80,000 rpm with a fixed or interchangeable collet .

Mini angle grinders

The Sorma high speed angle grinders are specifically designed for removal and finishing with abrasive and diamond discs. These machines adapt very well both to mould finishing and to natural stone finishing, allowing precise processing even in the smallest spaces.

Wet sanders

Sorma has developed a wide range of air angle sanders, with features designed for the use of the most modern polishing systems with diamond tools. These are professional tools, decidedly robust and ergonomic, designed for stone and glass processing. The flow of water through the shaft incorporated in the machine prevents tool overheating and abnormal consumption.