Dry sanding

Fastline LM

The Sorma Fastline LM guarantees exceptional cutting power on any material with a homogeneous finish, combining the performance of a cup grinding wheel with the ease of use of a flap disc. It is available in 60, 120 and 220 grit, easily distinguishable by colour code, and can be used dry or wet. Find out more, watch the video! 

Fastline T

Hybrid flap disc with diamond and silicon carbide flaps, the Fastline T Sorma guarantees a better finish than the LM model. Significantly reduces vibration and operator fatigue.

I-Dia MX

The latest generation of flexible diamond abrasives. The Sorma I-Dia MX is the natural substitute for silicon carbide abrasive paper. Thanks to the diamond powder in continuous coating with resin bond, it is the ideal solution for polishing stone. Extremely flexible, it can achieve an excellent finish on all materials at a very competitive price. Find out more, watch the video! 

Dryface RS

The best-seller in the dry polishing of hard materials. The Sorma Dryface RS combines a great grinding performance with an excellent level of polishing. The high concentration of diamond powder allows for very fast sanding without overheating. This product is available in Ø100 with QRS coupling in 7 different grit sizes.

Dryface XT

The Sorma Dryface XT is a tool that offers excellent work piece polishing and a long service life. It is an excellent solution also for dry polishing of concrete. Available from 50 grit to 10,000 grit with QRS support easily identifiable by colour code.


Semi-rigid QRS disc with electroplated diamond pellets. The Sorma EPR disc guarantees excellent stock removal with a homogeneous finish and is the ideal solution for precise bevelling without chipping. Universal tool, but particularly suitable for porcelain and bulletproof glass.