Diamond and CBN Sorma grinding wheels

Diamond and CBN Sorma grinding wheels

Diamond and CBN Sorma grinding wheels are used in a wide range of grinding, cutting, sharpening and finishing operations on hard materials. The wide choice of shapes, bonds and grit sizes allows an easy choice of the right tool for your needs. Sorma uses only the best quality diamond and CBN for its products, guaranteeing an optimal and repeatable performance over time.

Wheels for external grinding

Sorma peripheral wheels are commonly used for surface grinding or external cylindrical grinding in the manufacture of engines and in the production of turbines and bearings for the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors.

Wheels for internal grinding

These wheels are used on wheels for internal grinding, jig grinding machines or work centres. The Sorma range includes wheels for internal grinding with shank or hole for larger diameters.

Wheels for cutting off

Sorma's cutting off wheels can be used for dry and wet operations and are used on universal sharpeners or specific machines for cutting carbide, HSS and ceramic materials. The same wheels, in various thicknesses, can also be used in grooving operations or in the construction of chip breakers.

Grinding wheels for tools' manufacturing and sharpening

Super abrasive wheels are an indispensable tool for the production and regrinding of cutting tools. Sorma offers a wide range of grinding wheels for tool room grinders, CNC grinders, blades and knives grinding machines.