Diamond cloth

Diamond cloth

Sorma diamond cloths are an excellence, also dedicated to the mechanical industry, produced with the most advanced technologies in an ISO 9001 certified production unit. Every step of the production process is constantly monitored to guarantee a constant quality standard. The carefully selected diamond powder is anchored onto an extremely flexible and resistant support. Sorma technicians have developed different products according to the application and so it can be said that there is no area of use of flexible abrasives in which diamond flexible tools are not used successfully.

Hand pads

For the hand pads, the diamond abrasive is glued to a medium-flexible foamed base. Its form has been studied for easy handling and adapts to a wide variety of processes. The sponge backing is coloured for easy identification of the grit size.

Sharpening blocks

The diamond cloth is applied on a perfectly flat aluminium support, creating a special block to manually sharpen various types of tools. Sorma sharpening blocks offer exceptional performance when sharpening ceramic blades.

Diamond sheets and strips

Diamond sheets and strips are available in different standard sizes and with various supports suitable for different applications. The dimensions range from a minimum of 75x75 mm to a maximum of 1170x295 mm for the type M or 690x295 mm for the type R. It is possible to build the most suitable tools for your working needs simply by cutting the cloth and gluing it to an adequate support.


Flexible quick-change diamond blades with 6 mm pin. These tools are ideal for small finishing operations, especially in the processing of moulds or in the finishing of turbine blades.

Diamond belts


Diamond sleeves to be used with rubber drums with 6 mm shank. SPs can be used on portable grinders as well as on numerically controlled work centres for contouring, hole finishing or light deburring. The spiral joint ensures excellent resistance adequate to the long tool life. Available from Ø10 to Ø45.


Belts for expanding rubber drums from Ø50 to Ø200 mm. They are used on portable grinders or bench grinders for sharpening tools or deburring small pieces. The rubber drums supporting the diamond belt expand with centrifugal force, blocking the belt but ensuring a soft contact with the work piece.


They are applied on stationary belt grinders or on tool post belt grinders. Diamond belts can be directly used on centerless grinding machines with single or multiple head, for tube or cylinder processing. Sorma belts are widely used in the grinding and polishing operations on carbide or ceramic coated rollers.


Rolls for super-finishing equipment are composed of a central diamond-coated part and two non-abrasive end parts, for mounting on micro-finish heads. The diamond cloths are used as the first step before lapping films.