Electroplated tools

Electroplated tools

Sorma produces a wide range of electroplated tools particularly suitable for internal grinding and profile creation in various fields of application. With this technology, diamond or CBN powder is deposited on a metal body by means of a galvanic process. A single layer of diamond is then formed with a very high concentration of active tips held by a very strong nickel-based bond. The protrusion of the diamond crystals varies between 30 and 50%, generating sufficiently large volumes for the discharge of chips.

Diamond files

Wide range of straight and riffle files , suitable to satisfy every kind of need. Sorma diamond files are used manually or by machine for touch-ups on moulds, glass, ceramics and composite materials. Sorma files are only supplied with diamond coating, also for use on steel instead of CBN, which is commonly used today.

Diamond coated burs

Sorma diamond burs can be used dry and wet on high speed grinders. They are available in a wide range of standard shapes and sizes: with a 3 mm shank in medium fine grit sizes for mould processing, glass engraving and marble finishing; with 6 mm shank in standard D427 grit size for marble and composite materials. Available with CBN coating for steel or with custom grit sizes and dimensions upon request.

Internal grinders

Sorma internal grinders are precision tools and are produced with high quality diamond and hardened and ground steel body. The electroplating technology allows to produce tools of low cost even for very small diameters. Sorma internal grinders with medium or large diameters are particularly convenient when working small batches.

Foundry tools

Sorma electroplated diamond tools have significant advantages compared to the traditional abrasive resinoid wheels in cast iron deburring operations. Thanks to the high diamond removal capacity combined with the sturdiness of the steel body, they allow extremely fast and safe machining, both in applications with portable grinders and in those with fixed machines or robotic cells.