High quality solid tools for milling and drilling

Osawa is an international brand whose mission is to provide a wide range of solid milling and drilling tools in a single catalogue, from high performance to general use products and from top to low end products.
It's productive flexibility along with Sorma's highly qualified management allow Osawa to offer high profile tools in all components of its range.

The Osawa range includes a selection of solid tools that include:
- carbide drills;
- HSS-HSS/Co drills for general and high yield use;
- carbide end mills for high speed applications on hardened steel, stainless steel, super-alloys and general purpose;
- HSS and HSS-P end mills; high quality carbide rotary burrs, available in a wide range of shapes and geometries.

The products of this brand are available for the following applications:

Solid tools for milling

Carbide and HSS lines for general purpose, universal and high performance use.

Solid tools for drilling

High performance and general purpose drilling Carbide and HSS solutions


Carbide rotary burrs with different cutting types

Osawa UPDATE 2023


Osawa General Catalogue